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This Incredible Tribute to Calvin & Hobbes Will Make You Cry

Tribute to Bill Watterson
Written by Adrienne


Better go get the tissues.

Bill Watterson, the legendary creator of Calvin and Hobbes, is idolized by many as the world’s greatest cartoonist. He followed his vision, ended the comic on a high note after 10 incredibly successful years, and never sold out to money-hungry syndicates which wanted to monetize his creations with endless merchandise deals. Five years into the comic strip, Watterson gave a brilliant speech to his alma mater, Kenyon College, where he told the young graduates about the value of pursuing your own interests, despite those who want to make you conform to their own idea of who you should become.

Like many other cartoonists, Gavin Aung Than believes that this strip was the greatest ever to exist, and he sees many similarities between his own life and that of Bill Watterson. Wanting to pay tribute to the artist, he created a comic in Waterson’s well-known style that illustrates the most famous quotation from his commencement speech. By the end, if you’re like me, you’ll probably be in tears.

Here’s the comic:

This Incredible Tribute to Bill Watterson and Calvin & Hobbes Will Make You Cry

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Calvin & Hobbes

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    • Grad school guarantees nothing, especially not brighter dreams. It may be your golden ticket, but don’t be bamboozled by anyone who tells you that anything is *the way*.

      Instead, quit or don’t quit, but know exactly why you’re doing it. You might be losing as much as you gain in the short run, or gaining everything, or losing everything. The question to answer is what you’ll do with these gains and losses to make yourself happy in the long run. Maybe you won’t know and you’ll be forced to change course. Fair enough. Being clear about your motives and your aims is the best you can do.

    • Whatever you do, do it because it makes YOU happy. Being successful doesn’t always bring meaning to your life and wealth truly doesn’t buy happiness (as demonstrated by the parade of drug addicted suicidal trust fund babies). Wherever you go, there you are, so ignore the peer pressure and follow a path that makes you comfortable in your own skin.

    • A wise professor told m upon graduation with a BS in biology that I could go on in my profession to grad school etc etc etc but most people hate their work — I opted to go on a two year bicycle trip – alone – all over the US —- I am 61 it is a hallmark of my life and led to many many similar adventures — my contemporaries often tell me they wish they had had the courage to do such a thing — quit and follow a dream if you have one if not invent one and make a lot of mistakes — that is the fun part

    • Donald Wood Good for you. Life is for living, not for killing yourself trying to corner the market on “stuff”. Some think that he who has the most toys at the end of the game wins; when in actuality he who dies with the most toys just leaves his family to fight over who gets his stuff or who has to haul it to Goodwill!

    • Ted Wyman — thanks Ted — I dont have a lot in the bank in terms of dollars but boy o boy people would love to have had just a few of my life experiences — I recently started a photo blog of some of those times — and the response is amazing

    • Donald Wood I agree. I won’t die wealthy but I will be rich because of my travels to 17 countries and 47 states where I have met people of most of the races, colors and creeds on the planet. I’ve seen several oceans and seas, snow capped mountains and blue-green valleys, ancient forests and life abundant deserts. At the end of the run, money and stuff can turn to dust but no one can take your experiences.

  • The greatest ever was Walt Kelly (“Pogo”), but Bill Waterson is right up there. I loved this strip and I honour him for having stuck to his principles.

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