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50 Mesmerizing Acrylic Pour Videos

Written by Adrienne


Acylic pouring art has taken off in the last year, so you probably have been seeing examples of dirty cup pours and acrylic pour videos on your Facebook or Instagram feed, even if you weren’t aware what the technique was. Believe it or not, this is an exciting painting technique that anyone can use to create beautiful pieces of modern art!

Keep scrolling to learn more about what fluid painting or dirty cup pouring is, and to see some mesmerizing, informative, and oddly satisfying videos of the fluid painting process!

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Whoooa. I just can't get enough of these videos of the process of creating this abstract art!

Featured image/Facebook image/Pinterest image source: CakesnPlanes on Imgur

What is Fluid Painting?

Acrylic pour painting, fluid painting, and dirty pour painting are all terms that describe an abstract painting technique that involves combining several colors of paint prior to adding them to the canvas. Then, the artist tilts and rotates the surface to spread the paint around, filling the canvas. Fluid painting is as much about the process as the abstract end result!

Smaller canvases may just require one cup to cover the full canvas, while other larger canvases may require several. It can be interesting to see cups with different ratios of colors and additives interact on the canvas.

By adding certain additives, like rubbing alcohol, glue, floetrol (a paint conditioner), silicone oil, and others, you can create interesting effects. For example, some additives create “cells” in the paint, or bubbles of other colors. This is because when you mix paints with different ratios of additives, the paints take on different qualities that make them rise or sink within the overall paint mixture. Some of these additives require activation with a heat source, such as a hair dryer or blow torch, to really take effect.

Check Out the Videos Below!

Without further ado… here are the mesmerizing fluid painting videos I promised you!

1. Fluid Painted Wooden Tray with Gold Leaf

Whoooa. These beautiful abstract painted wooden trays by Kathryn Beals are to die for! Her one-of-a-kind, high polish finished wooden trays are available on her website — this one is still for sale for just $145!

2. Crazy Iridescent Cells on a Round Canvas

Erik Quinn managed to draw out some amazing cells in this one! The video starts with the color mix that went into this dirty pour. He pops a hole in the top of the cup, then BOOM — an explosion of color! The blow torch activates the additives in the paint, allowing for huge cells to form!

3. Fireworks on Canvas

This dirty cup pour video by Susan Johnson Amidon is instant gratification. There is an immediate explosion of color — pinks, purples, blues, oranges, reds — and cells begin forming as soon as the paint comes out of the cup. Bravo!

4. Technicolor Waves

I love the way this acrylic pour looks coming out of the cup, like a technicolor wave!

5. Galaxy Acrylic Pour on a Spinner

The wheel makes for a brilliant spiral painting on a round canvas! First, Nicky J Burch starts out by covering the canvas in navy blue paint, then she rolls the cup in a spiral, slowly letting out the paint. The cells look like a galaxy!

6. Rainbow Dirty Cup Pour with Huge Cells

Rainbow acrylic pours are a risky business — use the wrong combination, or overmix, and you could end up with a muddy mess on your canvas. Brittany Chavez got this one just right though — the rainbow colors come through in brilliant pops in the bubbles!

7. Wild Lime and Purple Dirty Cup Pour

Not all dirty cup pours have to start by flipping the cup — you can get some really interesting effects by pouring the paint over the canvas! I love how this painting started as a blue, purple, and red piece, only to reveal a surprise lime green pop in the cells!

8. Purple, Red, and Black Dirty Cup Pour with Ribbons

This fluid painting is just so expressive! Note that if you can’t fill the canvas, you can always add more paint! You can get some really interesting effects by running the paint across the canvas in ribbons.

9. Gold and Aqua Metallic Cells

This one’s a beauty! Gold and other metallic acryllics make for a sparkly finish.

10. Aqua Explosion

One of the most iconic videos of the dirty flip cup video trend, this video by Crystal Ma has one of the most satisfying reveals of any acrylic pour video.

11. Mermaid Pour

Aren’t the purples and blues in this one just magical?

12. Sea Foam Acrylic Pour with Blow Torch Cells

Such lovely blues in this one! The artist, Sylvie Escondida, really had a ton of paint to work with on this canvas. She carefully poured it over so that most of it stayed on the canvas instead of immediately flowing off, then used the cup to add some abstract ribboning. Next, she used the blowtorch to activate the silicone and create larger cells. Finally, she tilted and turned the canvas to distribute the paint around the whole canvas. Such pretty end results!

13. Purple Dirty Cup Pour

Ahh! Sometimes you lose a lot of paint the moment you flip the cup. Colie Leigh didn’t mind, though — she just rolled with it and kept tilting until the paint covered the canvas. She used several shades of purple paint here with a metallic brown to get these great colors. She mixed paint extender and hair oil in with the paints to thin them out and get those great cells without a heat source.

A post shared by Colie Leigh (@colieleighart) on

14. Orange Cells Forming Before Your Very Eyes

Got a canvas you don’t like? No problem, you can just fluid paint over that bad boy!

15. Purple and Gold Acrylic Pour

Beautiful! Ashley Carter added purples, aquas, black, and gold to a dirty cup pour that she drizzled over a canvas. Look at those cells!

Today's "Daily Dirty"! Ok so this video was actually longer than this but I took some pictures if the final product and I will share them shortly! This piece…. ohh my worddd! The colors are so yummy together! Who doesn't love a little Gold?! I hope it dries just like this 🤞🤞 Let me know what you guys think! I hope you enjoy 💙💜💛 #cells #fluidsoul #fluidartgallery #fluidartwork #fluidartist #fluidpainting #art #artistofinstagram #artoftheday #paintingoftheday  #artistic_nation #artisticexpressionsbyashley #abstractart #abstractartist #abstractaf #contemporaryart #fluidart #instaart #acrylic #acrylicpainting #videooftheday #dirtypour #dailydirtypour #artforsale #artporn #etsy #etsyshop

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16. Rainbow Dirty Pour on a Square Tray

You don’t just have to fluid paint a canvas… this rainbow acrylic pour on a tray is stylish and functional, especially once the artist tops it with a layer of resin to protect the paint!

17. Close Up of Pink Cells Forming

Nice, up close and personal view of pink cells forming. The artist covered the canvas in a layer of paint first so the paint would more easily flow across it.

18. Blue Wave Dirty Cup Pour

Whoaaa… I love the way this one looks just coming out of the cup! And after some abstraction with the cup and a little prompting with the blow torch, this one looks even prettier!

19. Springtime Colors Fluid Painting

With sea foam greens, teals, white, and yellows, this one looks so springy coming out of the cup!

20. Mesmerizing Tree Ring Pour

By twirling the cup in tight spirals as she poured it onto the canvas, Ashley Carter ended up with a gorgeous fluid painting that looks a lot like the rings of a tree! I love the way the color of the pour transitions from blues to bright oranges and yellows as she pours!

21. Blooming Metallic Bubbles

Zoom! This quick hyperlapse of a dirty cup pour in action starts out simply gorgeous, and then you can watch the metallic bubbles form. Love how this one turned out!

22. Double Pour on a Copper Canvas

Time for something a little different. This dirty pour actually combines two pours in one. First, a tree ring pour over top of the cup, then the artist lifts the cup underneath to add a regular dirty cup pour to the mix.

23. Pink with Blooming White Cells

Here’s a satisfying pour video. First an explosion of color from the cup, then lots of cells blooming from the blowtorch.

24. Dark Colorful Acrylic Pour

This video is interesting because you can see the exact combination of paints that went into the dirty pour! The end result is a beautiful canvas covered in colorful cells.

25. Strawberry Starburst Double Pour

Beautiful pink pour. It’s nice to see the flow of the paint up close as cells form, very pretty!

26. Tidal Pools Triple Pour

Here’s a TRIPLE pour for you! Three cups down, then a blowtorch to activate the cells. Really psychedelic end result!

27. Purple Mermaid Pour on a Round Canvas

Aren’t round canvases just perfect for getting a really even acrylic pour?

28. Acrylic Pour on a Budget

This lovely example shows you can make fluid painting art even on a budget, using dollar store paints and PVA glue.

29. Pastel Paisley Pour

I know it’s not actually paisley, but the color scheme really makes me think of paisley!

30. HUGE Canvas Six-Cup Pour

Big canvases like this one are challenging — it’s hard to distribute the paint evently before you lose it all! I love the look the artist achieved here — the white lacing between the pours really creates a lot of interest in the final piece!

31. Lots of Lacing

Here’s an interesting take on a dirty cup pour. First, the artist covers the canvas in paint, then mixes the dirty pour in a cup with an open bottom right on the canvas. Swirl it around and you’ve got the makings for a very abstract piece, especially once those cells start showing up!

32. Itty Bitty Cookie Cutter Pour

So you’ve seen a pour on a huge canvas… here’s a teeny tiny canvas! This piece will eventually become a wall hook or a key hook, according to the artist. I love how they started the dirty pour inside a cookie cutter — so creative!

33. Dark Metallic Back and Forth Pour

Can I just say how in love I am with the transition from metallic midnight colors to copper to that pop of aqua at the end? Gorgeous!

34. Matching Purple Coaster Set

Watch the process start to finish of creating four purple metallic fluid painting tiles!

35. Red and Blue Fluid Painting with Treadmill Oil

This red, white, and blue canvas was Erik Quinn’s first test with treadmill silicone! Watch all the tiny cells that form when he uses the blow torch!

36. Wild Red Pour

I love this double dirty pour with a streak of gold!

37. Blue Dirty Pour with Gold

Sometimes, an accent color you were really excited about flows right off the edge of your canvas. Womp womp. Never fear — if you don’t like the way your composition is going, you can always add more. Love how the artist went for this bold gold pour when they lost the gold in their original pour!

38. Quadruple Dirty Pour on Birch Wood

Heavy surfaces for a fluid pour like this one are challenging! This artist handles this one like a pro though. I love the interplay between the different cups!

39. Gold Pink and Cells

This one ended up so much wilder than I was originally expecting!

"CHÅSËR" ⋇ acrylic on stretched canvas ⋇ music: go back home by fkj

A post shared by Jenelle Elizabeth (@seabreezeave) on

40. Arabesque Tile Pour

Why not get creative with your canvas? I love the arabesque tiles the artist chose for this set of four pours.

41. Wild and Crazy Leftover Paint Pour

When you’re using up leftover paint, you never know what you’ll end up with! Love the cells on this acrylic pour.

42. Metallic Planet Pour

Love the prominence of the gold metallic acrylics in this dirty pour!

43. Purple, Yellow, and Teal Dark Explosion

Wow, I just love all the tiny cells and striations in this one! The purple really is the star of the show.

44. Metallic Blue Spirals

Swirl swirl swirl… the sparkly metallics in the blues look lovely here! The artist, Jennifer Voss, is using a tree ring pour to add lots of interesting rings to the final piece.

45. Rainbow Fluid Painting with Cells

Isn’t this one a beauty?! I love the rainbow, almost tie dye or fractal look to the finished piece.

46. Pretty Pour Getting Torched

This one looks lovely coming out of the cup, but the blow torch really brings out those nice cells!

47. Red, Grey, and White Streaky Pour with Cells

Love watching all the cells appear in this one!

48. Pink Marble Painting

The dirty pour here really comes out looking like pink marble!

Sunday Funday! 12×12 Marble painting on wood panel #carleelewisart #fluidpainting #pink

A post shared by Carlee Lewis ( on

49. Blue Acrylic Pour with Gold Cells

Getting that cup upside down onto the canvas can be a little nerve-wracking! But the end result is soooo worth it!

50. Neon Flip Cup Pour

There’s always the risk of this many bright colors coming out like mud, but this one looks really nice, especially that first explosion of color out of the cup! Too bad she lost the purple, but sometimes that’s just how it goes.

Fluid Painting Artists to Follow on Instagram

If you liked the videos above, here are some fluid painting artists you should consider following on Instagram! Many of these artists post new dirty pour videos to their Instagrams on a regular basis.

  1. Crystal Ma
  2. Brittany Chavez
  3. Ashley Carter
  4. Nicky James Burch
  5. Sylvie Escondida
  6. Jenelle Elizabeth
  7. R Elland
  8. Susan Johnson Amidon
  9. MyDearBambi
  10. Yana Perovska
  11. Kathryn Beals
  12. Jo.T.Art
  13. Colie Leigh
  14. Karen Hammond
  15. Debbie Johnson
  16. Erik Quinn
  17. Christina’s Art Room
  18. Jennifer Rodgers
  19. Nicole Eyles
  20. Fluid/Resin/Acrylic/Dirty Pour Curation Instagram

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Whoooa. I just can't get enough of these videos of the process of creating this abstract art!

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