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The Perfect Gift for Any Johanna Basford Fan: Gift Guide

Written by Adrienne


Johanna Basford’s wildly successful Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest ignited a fire that popularized adult coloring books around the world.

Today, with her five coloring books, she remains one of the most popular coloring book illustrators, selling millions upon millions of copies of her books and often hitting the top of bestseller lists. Johanna Basford’s coloring books — and her many spinoff products — make great gifts, both for brand new and experienced colorists.

Check out the gift guide below to see some of her many coloring products, and keep scrolling to see where to buy them!

Johanna Basford's many coloring books and other coloring products make great gifts for new and experienced colorists!

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Johanna Basford's many coloring books and other coloring products make great gifts for new and experienced colorists!

1. Johanna Basford Coloring Books

Lost Ocean adult coloring book by Johanna Basford

Buying for a new colorist? Johanna’s original five coloring books are the place to begin. Johanna has brought her detailed, whimsical, floral style to five different subject areas: garden scenes, forest scenes, underwater scenes, jungle scenes, and Christmastime scenes.

Buying for an experienced colorist? A gift could be a great way to complete their collection. Or, consider grabbing them an “artist edition” copy of their favorite book!

2. Johanna Basford Artist Edition Coloring Books

Secret Garden Artist Edition

The artist editions don’t include quite as many pages to color as the original books, but they make up for that in quality. The 20 prints in these books are printed on just one side of high-quality cardstock. The pages are removable and easy to frame. These books make a great gift for an experienced colorist or any colorist who wants to use a wetter medium, like watercolors or watercolor pencils.

3. Johanna Basford Coloring Postcards

Enchanted Forest Coloring Postcards

If your recipient wants Johanna Basford’s artwork on sturdier paper, but not in a large format, why not go for coloring postcards? Johanna Basford has released coloring postcards of most of her coloring books. One side features an image to color, and the other has designated spots for an address, stamp, and message.

My aunt used to give me postcards with the stamps already on and ready to send back with news from college; I imagine that doing that with a set of coloring postcards could be a really fun and creative twist to stay in touch!

It is worth mentioning that none of these postcards are sized within US standard postcard rates; if you send them, you will need to pay first-class postage.

4. Johanna Basford Coloring Notecards

Secret Garden Notecards

Postcards not their style? Johanna also has a few nice sets of notecards!

5. Johanna Basford Coloring Calendars

Johanna Basford 2017 Coloring Day-to-Day Calendar

Coloring calendars are a fun way to regularly build coloring into your busy life. Whether you get a weekly planner or a monthly wall calendar, you have a designated time period in which to do some coloring before you turn to be greeted by another new page.

Want more coloring calendar options? Check out my recent list of the best coloring calendars!

6. Johanna Basford Journals & Notebooks

Secret Garden Journal

The first two journals above over both blank pages and 70 small images from Johanna Basford’s coloring books to fill with color. The last item (the three journal set) does not include pages to color, though your recipient can color the cover with stunning results!

7. Johanna Basford Coloring Canvases

Secret Garden Coloring Canvas (Floral Landscape)

Coloring canvases make Johanna Basford’s linework larger than life and give your recipient a DIY statement piece for their wall. These canvases are primed with an extra-smooth gesso that makes the surface a perfect texture for coloring with markers. Don’t forget to pick up a pack of acid-free markers for your recipient, too!

8. Johanna Basford Puzzles

'Songbird Garden' 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

These jigsaw puzzles come already printed with a colorful interpretation of the artwork, but each one also includes a coloring poster of the puzzle art. A 500 piece puzzle is just the right size to take a bit of time to put together but to still be possible in one sitting.

9. Johanna Basford iPhone & iPad Coloring Cases

Super unique gift idea: DIY Secret Garden Coloring Case for iPhone

This is a really neat product!

Each link above goes to a clear, protective plastic case perfectly sized for a Apple device. These cases come with a set of 5 “inserts,” which are zoomed in details from the books, shaped to fit inside the case. The inserts are also sold as individual packs, so once your recipient owns the case, they can also pick up the sets from Johanna’s other books.

Definitely a great reminder to put down the phone from time to time and do some coloring!

10. Staedtler Triplus Fineliners

36 Set Staedtler Triplus Fineliners

Johanna Basford’s artwork is definitely super intricate, and some coloring supplies, like soft colored pencils, just won’t cut it. That’s where Staedtler Triplus Fineliners come in. These super fine (0.3 mm) felt tipped markers are perfect for getting into those tiny spaces and filling them with just the right amount of color, and with 36 colors in this pack, your recipient should be set for a while.

Well that’s it — there are ten different types of products a true Johanna Basford fan would love! Did I miss anything? If so, please let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it!

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