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Inkspirations Love by Design: Coloring to Find Your Soulmate

Written by Adrienne


It’s almost February, and you know what that means… we are heading into the most romantic time of the year!

Maybe you have a treasure trove of Valentine’s Day coloring books at the ready, or maybe the season has just got you in the spirit. Either way, I am thrilled to introduce you all to a brand new coloring book that might just help you discover new love.

Keep scrolling to learn more about Inkspirations: Love by Design, read an interview with author and soulmate expert Arielle Ford, and enter to win your own copy in a prize package of Inkspirations coloring books.

Inkspirations: Love by Design

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Inkspirations: Love by Design is a transformational coloring book to help you find your soulmate.

Here’s the video review!

A Look Inside Inkspirations: Love by Design

Inkspirations: Love by Design, written by Arielle Ford and illustrated by Manja Burton, is so unique for a coloring book. In fact, it is more than a coloring book; it is a transformational coloring book, with the power to completely transform your life.

This book brings together Arielle Ford’s inspirational, step-by-step process for opening yourself up to find love, with gorgeous illustrations by Manja Burton. As you color, you can meditate on each step along the way, pouring your energy and attention into your search for love.

Even if you have already found your soulmate, the book is a great reminder to stay patient and appreciative of your love. The illustrations of beautiful clothes and indoor scenes are some of my favorites.

Inkspirations: Love by Design includes 32 pages to color. Like other books in the Inkspirations line, the book is softcover with a high-quality, super glossy cover, and thick pages that take both pencils and markers very nicely. The pages are perforated and since I prefer to color outside the book, I had no trouble removing the page along the perforation.

Read the interview with Arielle Ford below, and see sample pages from the book further down.

An Interview with Author Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford is a well-known love and relationship expert and the author of ten books including The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction. She partnered up with Inkspirations to create Inkspirations: Love by Design, which allows us to color and ponder the highlights of her work.

Here’s my interview with Arielle!

Cleverpedia: How did you first learn of the Law of Attraction? Was there a specific event that led you to really begin embracing it?

Arielle Ford, soulmate expert and author of Inkspirations: Love by Design.Arielle Ford: When I moved from Hollywood, Florida to West Hollywood, CA on September 12, 1984, I read Shakti Gwains’ book Creative Visualization on the long plane ride. I had three major goals to accomplish when I landed: find a job, find a place to live and make a new a friend. Utilizing the manifesting techniques outlined in the book I succeeded, within 10 days, landing a position at Rogers & Cowan, at that time the largest and most presitigious PR firm in Beverly Hills. I found the most perfect living situation with a roommate who insisted on doing all the cooking and cleaning, and I made a friend who instantly became a soul brother and best friend to me. Now, more than 30 years later we are still connected.

Inkspirations: Love by Design is a new soulmate coloring book.

Cleverpedia: What, in your opinion, makes a coloring book such a good medium for a message like this?

Arielle Ford: Manifesting is all about having a very clear intention and then actively co-creating the result with the Universe. The old saying “what you put your attention on grows” is true, so when you are coloring your intentions, your love, creativity and focus align with the frequency of your desire to make it happen. It’s a delicious combination of art and science!

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by the author, Arielle Ford

Cleverpedia: In the book, one of the exercises involves creating a “soulmate wishlist” and then sending it out into the world. Do you think there is the potential for becoming too fixated on the exact traits you want in a person, and missing a great potential mate because they don’t quite match your mental picture? How can one avoid that?

Arielle Ford: The Soulmate Wish List is critical to the success of manifesting love. You must be crystal clear on the heart traits and qualities you want your beloved to possess. So it’s not about asking for a man that is 6’2″ with dark curly hair, green eyes, 183 pounds that earns $350k a year as an executive. It is about asking for the attributes that will contribute to your long-term happiness. You must ask yourself, “how do I most want to feel when I am with my soulmate?”

The Soulmate Wish List page from Inkspirations: Love by Design

The list can be as long or short as you wish. Here’s a short example example: “My soulmate is open, willing and available for a long term, monogamous marriage. He is kind, loving, affectionate, financially responsible, and lives a healthy lifestyle. He will live within 50 miles of San Diego or will be willing to move.”

I had 48 items on my list, and only one was a physical trait. I wrote “he will have grey hair.” It was something I really desired. Brian turned grey in his thirties so when we met, voila! I ended up with 46 of the 48 I asked for. The two traits I didn’t get turned out to be unimportant.

Cleverpedia: In the book, you mention online dating profiles. What do you consider the perfect way to meet a soulmate? What is your opinion of modern dating apps like Tinder?

Arielle Ford: Right now 1 in 3 marriages begins online. It is the fastest, most effective way to meet someone and I highly recommend it. I know many people who have met their husbands via Match, eHarmony and JDate. As for Tinder, I have a very high profile friend who met her husband on Tinder and they now have a delightful little two year old boy. What’s important is that you be as visible as possible because not only are you searching for your soulmate, your soulmate is also searching for you! And… remember you are going to kiss a ton of frogs before you meet your Prince, so don’t let the bad dates get you down. As my good friend and dating coach, Evan Marc Katz, always says – just because you have one bad meal doesn’t mean you are going to stop eating!

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by Adrienne from Cleverpedia

Cleverpedia: What was your process for collaborating with Manja Burton, the illustrator, when creating this book?

Arielle Ford: Manja lives on the other side of the world so we have never met. She received the manuscript and then began to use her creativity and brilliance to interpret the lessons into illustrations. Once she had some ideas for each page, I would see them via email and give input when I had some.

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by the author, Arielle Ford

Cleverpedia: What tips do you have to help single people survive on Valentine’s Day?

Arielle Ford: It’s the perfect time to spend coloring in my book with an attitude of gratitude, anticipation and excitement, knowing and trusting that next Valentine’s Day you will be celebrating with your soulmate. Additionally, make it a special day to celebrate you – fix yourself a special dinner with flowers, candles and music or go get a massage! I would also buy several Valentine’s Day cards knowing that next year you will be filling them out and giving them to your beloved.

Cleverpedia: You mention the need to “cut the cord” before you have the energy to find new love. Is it possible to stay friends with an ex — a former soulmate — while searching for a new soulmate?

Arielle Ford: It’s totally ok to be friends with an ex as long as neither of you in harboring any romantic feelings for the other. If either of you is still hoping to get back together, that will block new love from coming in.

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by the author, Arielle Ford

Cleverpedia: What’s your favorite quote or saying about love?

Arielle Ford: I have so many but here is one in particulate that I think says it all:

“Love is friendship set on fire.” – Jeremy Taylor

Cleverpedia: What is your favorite page from the coloring book?

Arielle Ford: Well of course I love the entire book but if I have to pick just one page it would be The Love Mandala!

The love mandala from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by the author, Arielle Ford

Cleverpedia: How can a colorist get the greatest amount of benefit out of a transformational coloring book like yours?

Arielle Ford: I would approach manifesting a soulmate via coloring as a sacred ritual. Set up a time each day (or several times a week) when you will work with one lesson and one image in the book.

Before you begin, light a candle, say a prayer, turn off all your electronic devices and add whatever rituals you feel drawn to. Then take a few moments to drop into your heart and experience feelings of love for yourself and your beloved. You can get free “Feelingizations” to guide you through this process on my website.

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by the author, Arielle Ford

Cleverpedia: Can you share a touching success story of someone who used coloring to manifest love?

Arielle Ford: Here’s one of my favorites:

After a painful divorce from a 27-year marriage, and dating for another almost six years without finding her soulmate, Linda followed The Soulmate Secret steps to attract her beloved. She found that the most enjoyable and profound step was to color the love mandala. She decided to approach asking for specific qualities in her soulmate by using a spiritual color guide where each color correlated to a spiritual quality (ie: blue represents wisdom and clarity). Then she used the all the colors that correlated with the qualities she was seeking to fill in the sections of the mandala (red for loving and passionate, orange for vitality, brown for groundedness, grey for balanced, yellow for spiritual connection to God, and so forth). She also approached it as a prayer-type exercise, as she had realized that she was looking for a soulmate to share her spiritual journey with.

In just three months she met Jim and eighteen months later they married. That was nine years ago. She couldn’t be happier and shares that they are on an amazing journey together and look forward to sharing the rest of their lives together, loving, growing, having fun and working to make the world a better place.

Linda and Jim on their wedding day.

Cleverpedia: What is the biggest takeaway that you hope colorists get out of your book?

Arielle Ford: That finding true love is possible for anyone, of any age, if you are willing to put in a little time, energy, intention and attention on your love life! If you are willing to prepare yourself for love on all levels, and begin to trust and believe that the one you are looking for is also looking for you, you will become a magnet for love. There is more than enough love for everyone who desires love and we all have many, many possible soulmates. This stuff really works. It even worked for my mother-in-law Peggy, who at age 80 found her second soulmate John on Match after being married for 55 years and then a widow for five years!

Soulmates Peggy and John.

Cleverpedia: Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your book, Arielle!

Here are a few sample pages from the book:

I was really impressed by Manja Burton’s artwork. There is a real sense of realism to the pages, that make it a great book for you if you aren’t as interested in abstract patterns.

A look inside Inkspirations: Love by Design, a new coloring book to help you find your soulmate.

Each design has elements repeated on the opposite page, creating a better sense of unity across the full page-spread. On the left side, opposite each illustration, is a step of Arielle’s love manifestation process.

Here’s the first page I’ve colored so far:

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by Adrienne from Cleverpedia

This page caught my eye on my first flip-through of the book, and I knew I’d be coloring it soon! I love this elegant gown, and how the gold of my gel pen gleams so brightly in the right light.

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by Adrienne from Cleverpedia

The majority of this page I colored using my Tombow dual-ended brush markers. The gold was my gold Signo Uni-ball gel pen, available in a three pack with silver and white. I did find that sometimes the gold went down a little too fast or too thick, so perhaps the gold gel pen isn’t the best idea for pages with super fine details.

Overall, the page held the ink very well, and I was happy with the end result, even if the gown and jacket did come out a tiny bit streaky. I can’t wait to color more from this book!

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by Adrienne from Cleverpedia

Okay, I’m sold… how do I get a copy?

A page from Inkspirations: Love by Design colored by Adrienne from Cleverpedia

If the sample pages I showed above look appealing to you, I definitely encourage you go pick up your own copy on Amazon! The book is available for pre-order right now and will be released just after the end of this giveaway.

Don’t forget to share your colored pages! You can tag your photos with the #inkspirationscoloring hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to connect with the Inkspirations community.

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