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How to Host the Ultimate Wine & Coloring Party

Written by Adrienne


If you had asked me a few years ago, what would become one of the hottest activities for adults in 2015, I probably would have said something like naked skydiving.

But, coloring?

“Oh suuuuure. Let me just grab my box of chocolate milk and my cabbage patch dolls, and I’ll meet you there.”

I have to say though, now that I’ve actually sat down and colored my 27 year old heart out, I stand VERY corrected.


Let’s get one thing straight, adulting can be very hard. There’s so much pressure to feed myself and do my own laundry and NOT look like I’m wearing the same bra for the 3rd week in row. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit down, zone out, and pat myself on the back everytime I color within the lines. There is something about it that is oh so satisfying and, well, adult like.

I find that it’s actually a great social activity, too. You can chat with someone while coloring and the pressure to fill in every minute of conversation is taken off. You can share your masterpieces and best part, it’s yet ANOTHER reason to get together and drink wine. (Not that I really need one.)

Bring on the wine!

So, with that being said, here’s my guide to throwing the ultimate adult coloring party. After all, why do 5 year olds get to have all the fun?!

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Lots of advice for hosting your own wine and coloring party. Sounds really fun!

1. Create a Facebook event a couple weeks beforehand and encourage everyone to get their own coloring books.

Coloring books are all the rage right now, and while it might be hard to get your hands on Secret Garden by Johanna Basford (who sold out last Christmas season), there are PLENTY of other gorgeous books out there.

Here are some of our favorite recommendations:

For the folks with major wanderlust, you can’t go wrong with Arttapi’s awesome travelscapes:

Travel, Colour, Create Coloring Book

From gorgeous Thai islands to idyllic bays in New Zealand, this coloring book will help transport you to somewhere magical.

For those who have an inner geometric zest and can appreciate gorgeous patterns and bursts, the mandala coloring book Color and Chill is perfect.

Color & Chill Coloring Book

The color combinations are endless!

Finally, The Tattoo Coloring Book is PERFECT for all your friends who secretly wished they had a tattoo but can’t even commit to a TV show on Netflix.

The Tattoo Coloring Book

This is probably better than the results of a crazy night in Vegas.

2. Pick up some coloring pencils + markers for the group to share, but encourage everyone to bring their own, too.

This will help with preventing color pencil envy, color pencil hogging, and other color pencil terms I’m making up as I write.

Not sure where to start? Can’t go wrong with the basic Sargent 50 Pack: It’s cheap, good quality, and has a pretty decent array of colors. For the color pencil enthusiasts, check out our list of the best colored pencils, if you really want to be hardcore.

Sargent pencils are a decent cheaper brand that's great for sharing at coloring night!

3. Keep decor, appetizers, and cocktails bright and colorful.

For the DIY party planner, you can make a pretty nifty banner like the one below for cheap:

Gorgeous rainbow banner! Perfect decoration for wine and coloring night.

For displaying all your coloring utensils, use cups like these to keep things festive:

Cool idea: use bright plastic kiddie cups to organize colored pencils by shade at coloring night.

Or, if you really want to impress your guests, consider quitting your job and cashing out your 401K to create this fun display instead:

Brb, cashing out my 401K so I can buy this massive set of 500 colored pencils

As far as food goes, most party’s tend to have cupcakes which imply an inner Martha Stewart. For an easy, healthier treat, try this awesome rainbow salsa:

Rainbow salsa, perfect for wine and coloring night!
And you certainly can’t go wrong with nature’s skittles:

Colorful berries, perfect for wine and coloring night!

But, let’s not forget the MOST IMPORTANT reason for throwing this party in the first place: The Booze.

Try crafting this delicious looking colorful masterpiece:

Rose Sangria, perfect for wine and coloring night!

Not only is it delicious and colorful, but it’s easy to make too!

4.  Print out some free coloring pages for noobs.

Inevitably, there will be some first timers in the group who will have forgotten to buy their coloring books but still want to join in on the fun.

5. Suggest some coloring challenges to keep things interesting.

For example, try a 3 color challenge, where you can only use three colors in your entire image. Or, encourage everyone to play with blending.

Great colored pencil technique showing how you can create rich gradients with just a few colors, no blending pencil required!

Consider bringing some baby oil and q-tips, so that everyone can try this fancy technique:

TIP: You can blend Prismacolors (and some other types of colored pencil) with baby oil! Really useful colored pencil technique I didn't know about.

6. Make sure you’re playing some awesome jams to zen out to.

Gettin' jiggy wid it

This video has a great mix designed to spark creativity: 

7. Don’t forget to take tons of photos!

Post photos in the Facebook group, but don’t just leave it at that. Encourage everyone to continue posting their creations to the group. You can also share your photos on Instagram!

In fact, consider making it a regular thing. Even if you don’t want to go through the hassle of planning events like this on a regular basis, there are plenty of already established clubs and meetups that you and your friends can enjoy.

If you do want to start your own club though, check out this handy guide.

Love coloring page

Now go color like it’s 1999!


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Lots of advice for hosting your own wine and coloring party. Sounds really fun!

Lots of advice for hosting your own wine and coloring party. Sounds really fun!

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