About Cleverpedia

What is Cleverpedia?

CleverpediaCleverpedia was founded in 2014 with the mission of bringing you the cleverest stuff on the web. I have gradually morphed Cleverpedia into a blog that covers arts, crafts, and the coloring book craze. Specifically, Cleverpedia publishes adult coloring book reviews, roundups, tips, how tos, artist interviews, giveaways, and anything and everything else related to coloring. I also maintain (what I believe is) the largest list of United States coloring clubs on the web!

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How Can I Contact Cleverpedia?

We are always on the lookout for new books to try out and feature! Here are a few ways you can contribute or share content for Cleverpedia:

  • Want to write for Cleverpedia? I am very choosy about the content I accept and publish, but I’d love to hear what you have in mind! Pitch topic ideas (NOT full posts) to cleverpedia@gmail.com.
  • Want to share your coloring book with our readers? I am always on the lookout for high-quality, beautiful coloring books to share with my readers. Submit the details about your book here! If I especially love your book, I may ask for review/giveaway copies!
  • Want to add your coloring club to my list? I’d love to have it! Please fill out this form so I have all the details I need!
  • Just have an idea for something you want to see here on Cleverpedia? Love it! Shoot me an email at cleverpedia@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do!

Please note that I have a full time job outside of the coloring book world (I know, it’s a tough life, but I gotta eat somehow!) so it sometimes takes me a while to respond to emails or update my coloring meetups list. It is impossible for me to respond to every inquiry, but I do read every email, and I love you all! <3

Who’s Behind Cleverpedia?

Adrienne, the blogger behind CleverpediaHi there! My name is Adrienne, and I love coloring!

I have always loved coloring and artistic pursuits in general, fueled by parents and an artistic aunt who were always happy to provide me with art supplies while growing up. I also have a lifelong love of writing, which is probably how I manage to be so verbose on this blog. I attended Kenyon College originally to pursue writing as a career, but then fell in love with the studio art program and switched over during my sophomore year.

Outside of running this blog, I work full time for an incredible internet marketing agency that is literally the best place to work in my state. (We won an award!) I also write freelance. I am slowly learning to code with Treehouse. Basically I have no free time, but I love it! If you are so inclined, you can learn more about me from my portfolio site.

My adult coloring book addiction began with the book The Victorian House Coloring Book by Dover Publications, of all things. My beloved aunt gifted me with this book during my early teens, and I enjoyed coloring it. Years later, maybe three or four years ago now, I had a sudden yearning to color that book again, and was delighted to find it on Amazon. That chance exploration of Amazon revealed to me just how many coloring books were available for adults, and well… the rest is history.

What’s Your Favorite Coloring Book?

That’s such a cruel question!

I am finding new coloring books I love all the time, but a current favorite is Fantastic Cities by Steve McDonald. Check out my interview with Steve here! I am also partial to Dover/Creative Haven books. Ask me something easier next time!!

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