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Adult coloring books have been around for decades, but they spiked massively in popularity after gaining a following in France in 2014. The French publisher Hachette started releasing adult coloring books in droves, under the name “art therapy.” And, it’s true… these coloring books are remarkably stress relieving.

Think of how single-minded you were back when you colored in childhood. Coloring captured your imagination; there were no phone calls to answer, emails to sort through, or errands to run. You could relax and focus on the color selection.

Coloring during adulthood is much the same, but with a few key differences. For one, it gives you an opportunity to purposefully unplug; to switch off that smartphone or power down your computer and say, “this is ME time.” Secondly, you are not limited to the coloring subjects of your childhood — for me, that was pretty much Hello Kitty and dinosaurs — you can color those things, of course, but there are so many other options.

Finally, now coloring can be a social activity! “Coloring Clubs” are popping up all over the United States and elsewhere. I noticed that there was no central hub that listed all of these clubs, so I made one. You can find the closest coloring club in the United States on this list. If you know of one that hasn’t made it onto the list yet, please submit it here.

I want to help you find your next favorite coloring book.

I have been publishing lists of great coloring books for a while now. I troll Amazon so you don’t have to. As an avid colorist and superhuman internet researcher, I’ve learned what makes for a great coloring experience. The best things I find I collect for you in these lists.

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Here’s a short list of all the coloring book collections I’ve put together so far.

The Mega List: 100+ Stress-Busting Coloring Books for Adults — The list that started it all. Over 100 coloring books are organized into a vast array of categories, from architectural to floral to funny. I am constantly updating and adding to this list. It also features the top ten bestselling coloring books on Amazon and my favorite materials to color with (I was an art major, so I’m picky).

18 Best Halloween Coloring Books for Adults — Get into the Halloween spirit with these fun and frightening coloring books for adults!

Color Your Favorite Characters: Coloring Books for Ultimate Fans — The newest fad in coloring books? Coloring books devoted to famous TV, book, and movie series, like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Breaking Bad. Sign me up!! I frequently update this list as I find new coloring books based on well-loved franchises. If you find one to add, will you let me know on Facebook please?

Japanese Coloring Books for Adults — As any admirer of Japanese culture would agree, Japanese art is beautiful. These coloring books celebrate Japanese culture, artwork, fashion, and more.

Looking for something that’s not here?

I might be able to help you find it! I take coloring book search requests in the comments at the end of my coloring book mega list, where I’ve helped people find everything from coloring books featuring clowns to coloring books with pale outlines. If you’re looking for books related to a broader topic, let me know on Facebook! It could be my next list! <3

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